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Since 1972, GAAMHA has been providing services to people struggling with substance use issues and has guided thousands into lives of contented and sustainable recovery. With a suite of programs across many levels of care, coupled with a unique set of social supports under one roof, GAAMHA has created a “recovery ecosystem” that treats the whole person.

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Substance misuse impacts nearly every facet of a person’s life, and so should the solution. Unfortunately, a few days in detox or even a couple of weeks in rehab are not enough for most people to build the life skills and recovery capital required to stay healthy in the long term. Our system is designed to usher people through various levels of care which decrease in intensity as the individual matures in their recovery, with treatment plans ranging from 60 days to 6 months and aftercare options that can provide a safe and sober environment from many months to many years.

Contact us to find out how we leverage our clinical programs, housing programs, employment programs and transportation services to create a person-centered treatment plan that is aimed at a lifetime of contented recovery.

Residential Services

Residential Recovery Home

Residential Therapeutic Recovery Farm

Transitional Sober Supportive Housing

Permanent Sober Supportive Housing

Community Recovery Services

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Support Navigation

Family Recovery Coaching

Peer Recovery Center

Residential or Community Recovery Services

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The mission of GAAMHA, Inc. is to provide meaningful support, training, treatment, avenues to employment, and personalized opportunities to individuals with disabilities and substance use disorders; and to offer quality transportation services to the people who live in the communities we serve.

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