Family Recovery Coaching

GAAMHA Family Recovery Coaches assist in building capacity within family systems that are specifically designed to improve individual health and create an environment that is most conducive to the support and recovery of their loved one with a substance use disorder. Our coaches have specific training through the FAST® (Family-Focused Addiction Support Training) Program that will help accomplish this.

Thanks to a Determination of Needs Grant awarded to GAAMHA by UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital we are able to provide these valuable services to you free of charge!

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Join Us for Magnolia FAST® Family Meetings

Monday Nights at 6:30 PM

Magnolia New Beginnings and GAAMHA offer FAST® Family Meetings both online and in-person for families in the North Central area. By using a combination of these Family-Focused Addiction Training meetings and our Family Recovery Coaching services, we feel that families will benefit from both professional facilitation and coaching, as well as the peer element that is so crucial for long-term support.

Topics covered during the FAST® Family Meetings include:

  • Holding Space vs Tough Love
  • Active Listening Skills
  • The Physiology of Addiction
  • Codependency
  • Responding vs Reacting
  • Building your Family Team
  • Self-Care and the Empty Well
  • The Family Aftercare Plan and Wellness Planning
  • Plus many more…

Call or Email for In-Person Availability

(978) 632-0934 x356

Interested in attending these meetings online? Just click the link below on Monday nights at 6:30 PM to join in via Zoom!

In-person meetings will be held at Alyssa’s Place Peer Recovery & Resource Center located at 297 Central Street, Gardner, MA 01440

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The mission of GAAMHA, Inc. is to provide meaningful support, training, treatment, avenues to employment, and personalized opportunities to individuals with disabilities and substance use disorders; and to offer quality transportation services to the people who live in the communities we serve.

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